Edge Trim Slitters

Edge Trim Slitter
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Edge Trim Slitter

Rando Machine's edge trim slitters are designed specifically to work with our Webbers. We engage a large 14 inch alloy blade for trimming, with a standard of 2 heads or higher if our customers require it. For slitting, we employ our blade, anvil, head, and an optional fiber saver which returns fiber back into the system, leading to no waste being produced. Part of a pre-bonding process, our slitter scores or shears materials in widths from 40 to 110 inches and thicknesses up to 6 inches.

To ensure quality and precision, we employ pneumatic and AC variable speed motor controls through our processes. Quality is important to us; we are CE certified and our work meets the high standards of IEC category 3. We accept file formats of AutoCAD and SolidWorks to meet all of our customers’ specifications.

To learn more about Rando Machine’s edge trim slitting service, please contact us directly.

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Edge Trim Slitter Capabilities:

Edge Trim Slitting
Edge Trim Slitter Cuts
Blade Diameter
14 in
40 to 110 in
Material Thickness
Up to 6 in
Fiber Saver (Optional)
Pneumatic / AC Variable Speed Motor
Powder Coated
Blade Material
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