Air Laid Fiber Webbers

Air Laid Fiber Webbers
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Air Laid Fiber Webbers

At Rando Machine, we have specialized in air laid fiber manufacturing for over 60 years. The high level and versatility of our products is aptly demonstrated by our SBD air laid fiber Webbers. These machines process a wide range of coarse to light fiber types, have simplified setup and adjustment, and are easier and less expensive to maintain. With proven web formation, our versatile air laid system produces fiber webs in a variety of forms according to machine type: our SD machine runs light fibers, our SB machine runs coarse fibers, and our SBD is able to switch between the two with a changeover time of just 30 minutes. Featuring isotropic fiber orientation, these machines accept widths of 18 to 100 inches with custom widths available, creating web weights that range from 25 g/m2 - 2500 g/m2.

Each type of Webber has its own unique features: our SD model can perform speeds up to 150 ft. (46m) per minute, and our SB model can perform speeds up to 60 ft (18m) per minute. The SBD Webber also has a split air system with separate vacuum and pressure fans, which result in better air control, dust control, and cooler operations.

To learn more about our versatile fiber webbers, please look at the table below or contact us directly.

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Air Laid Fiber Webber Capabilities:

SB (Round Steel Condenser Drum)
SD (Polyester Condenser Screen Apron)
SBD (Both B and D Condenser Assemblies)
Easier and Less Expensive to Maintain
Simplified Setup and Adjustment
Proven Web Formation
Versatile Air Laid System
Processes Wide Range of Fiber Types
Capable of High Lofts and Thin Webs
Split Air System
Vacuum Fan
Pressure Fan
AC Variable Speed Motors
Ball Bearings
Condenser Screen (SD)
Take Away Conveyor (SB)
Condenser Drum (SB)
Web Weight
25 g/m2 - 2500 g/m2
PLC Based Control System
Operator Touch Screen (HMI) Interface
Variable Frequency Drives
Fiber Orientation
Web Width
18 to 110 in
SD Web Speed
More than 150 ft (46 m) per minute
SB Web Speed
Less than 60 ft (18 m) per minute
IEC Category 3
Support Services
Field Technical Support
Web Formation Pilot Line
Machine Materials
Carbon Steel
Machine Finish
Powder Coating
Yellow Zinc Chromate
1 Year Warranty (for Rando Made Parts)
Manufacturer Warranty
Final Inspection Report
Additional Services
Dynamic Balancing
On-Site Installation Supervision
Technical Support
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