About Rando Machine 

The Rando advantage

The key to our success-and yours-is Rando’s time-tested, proven technology combined with over 60 years of experience building machinery to process even the most challenging non-woven fibers.

Quality and consistency

Rando Webbers produce webs that are uniform in weight and loft, and have consistent edge quality. We achieve this unsurpassed web quality and strength through true random fiber orientation.

Continuous innovation

Rando continuously invests time and money in the quest for improvement and innovation. In the past five years, we have redesigned most machines in the Rando-Web® Process, allowing us to process more fiber faster. This makes it easier for our customers to maintain their machines.

Your only source for both high loft with a “shingling effect” and thin webs

Rando’s unique use of airflow technology and customized internal machine components produces an unmatched isotropic fiber orientation with most fibers. This technology allows us to produce both “high loft” heavy weight non-woven webs, with our signature “shingling effect”, along with very thin light weight webs. Our competitors’ non-woven machines usually produce one or the other-high loft or thin web, but not both.

Exclusive technology: shingling effect

Rando is the only manufacturer capable of producing our unique “shingling effect.” This creates a high loft web, with the fibers predominantly vertically layered to maintain its integrity. Perfect for:

  • Furniture
  • Mattress batting
  • Automotive soundproofing applications

Recycling capability saves you money

Rando machines are exceptionally effective at recycling scrap material from the manufacturing process. With our machines, you will be able to reintroduce the “trim” back into the manufacturing process to save virgin fiber. Bottom line: lower cost for your product without reducing quality. Even better: eliminate the costs of disposing the scrap produced in the manufacturing process.

Support before, during, and after the sale

We’re with you every step of the way. From pre-build consultation and application testing of your fibers to determine your requirements to installation supervision and long-term service and support, Rando is committed to your success.

Rando is poised to grow by leaps and bounds into the next decade.

Non-woven consumption continues to grow around the world. Two reasons:

  • Innovative new products that require a non-woven structure.
  • Increased awareness of recycling and “going green,” which has increased demand for non-woven products

There has never been a better time to contact Rando to learn how we can help you grow your business too.

Our Team

The Rando team is made up of a highly experienced and dedicated work force with decades of experience. For nearly 60 years, Rando employees have been delivering the highest quality non-woven machinery to make the highest quality non-woven products in the world.

Corporate Management

Rando’s corporate management team has the expertise and managerial resources to lead the company into the future. Corporate management has made great strides in reshaping the company’s future – one that has never looked brighter.

Andrew Wilcox
President & Owner

Applications and Service

Rando’s dedicated engineering services team is available to answer questions, design and layout your solution, and provide on-site installation supervision.

William Hardy, Sr. Service Technician & Applications Specialist

Laboratory Testing Service

William Hardy, Sr. Service Technician & Applications Specialist

Inside Sales, Parts, Traffic and Shipping

Our staff responds quickly – in real time – by phone or email to handle your requests and expedite your parts and shipping needs.

Nichole Lacey, Inside sales & shipping

Global Sales Agent

We have sales agents in most areas of the world. Contact William Hardy to find the Rando representative nearest you.

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